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Hotel bible

Welcome and thank you for choosing to stay at Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder!

We will do our level best to provide you with a divine experience. You can enjoy the facilities in your hotel room, in the breakfast hall ‘de Eetkamer’, the chapel and the beautifully enclosed convent garden.

Overnight safety

After reception closes, the hotel is unmanned; the ‘s-Hertogenbosch patroness will watch over us then. However, in the unlikely event that you need assistance, you can reach the ‘night nurse’ by phone via: 073 204 88 40.

In order to guarantee safety, the following measures apply in the hotel:
  • There is a guest phone on the reception desk, with a card containing emergency numbers lying beside it.
  • In case of an emergency please first call the emergency services via 112 (police, doctor, fire brigade).
  • Next, please call the emergency backup of the hotel at the following number: +31 (0) 73 204 88 40.
  • The emergency backup will arrive at the hotel within 6 minutes after the call.
  • Close to reception – next to room 5 – an AED is attached to the wall. Our health & safety officer knows how to operate this device. Are you a doctor or do you possess the appropriate qualifications? In that case you can also use the AED.
What else is important to know?
  • A camera connection enables our emergency backup to watch live recordings 24 hours a day.
  • A first-aid kit for minor accidents is always available at the reception desk.
  • During power failure emergency lights will always switch on automatically in the halls and common areas.
  • In the event that the fire alarm goes off, a fire incident will automatically be reported to the fire brigade.
  • The fire brigade has access to the building at all times.
  • At night the intercom connection next to the main entrance is redirected to the ‘night nurse’.
  • Floor plans of the hotel are present in all rooms and common areas.
  • We urge you to study these floor plans, so that you know where you are and can decide what the best escape route is.
  • The floor plans also indicate where you can find our fire extinguishers.
  • In case of an emergency make sure to always leave the building at the front side, preferably by way of the main entrance. If the main entrance is blocked, you can leave the building via the emergency exit at the front of the building (next to room 6).
  • To make everyone’s stay as pleasant as possible, a number of house rules have been drawn up that all our guests must adhere to. The house rules can be requested at reception. 

If you smell smoke or see a fire, please report this to the receptionist immediately via +31 (0)73 204 88 40 or go to the reception desk right away. Keep windows closed and leave your room as quickly as possible. Close the fire-resistant hotel room door on your way out. Action will be taken from the reception desk. There you will be guided to a safe assembly point outside the hotel. If the fire occurs elsewhere in the building, you will hear a fire alarm. The same procedure applies: keep windows closed and leave the room following the escape route as quickly as possible. Close the fire-resistant hotel room door on your way out.

Are you in a medically urgent or life-threatening situation? Directly call our reception desk via +31 (0)73 204 88 40 and/or 112 (emergency services). If you would like to consult a doctor, please inform our reception. Our receptionist has access to all the required telephone numbers and can put you in contact with a doctor. Close to reception – next to room 5 – an AED is attached to the wall. Our health & safety officer knows how to operate this device. Are you a doctor or do you possess the necessary qualifications? In that case you can also use the AED.

Pharmacies in closest proximity:

  • Apotheek Schellekens, Van Noremborghstraat 129, 5212 NC ’s Hertogenbosch (four-minute walk).
  • Apotheek Albers, Markt 35, 5211 JW ’s-Hertogenbosch (eleven-minute walk).
  • Apotheek Van den Dries, Emmaplein 19, 5211VZ ’s-Hertogenbosch (seven-minute drive).
  • Apotheek Roosmalenplein, Hesselsstraat 2E 5213 XD ’s-Hertogenbosch (six-minute drive).
  • Apotheek Cleij, Palmboomstraat 129, 5213 VG ’s-Hertogenbosch (six-minute drive).

 The nearest hospital: 

  • Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Henri Dunantstraat 1,  5223 GZ ’s-Hertogenbosch (six-minute drive).

Our emergency exit is next to room 6. Standing at reception, enter the corridor on the right, at the end of the corridor take the door on the right. Standing in the hallway, take the door on the left. This is the emergency exit.

With your hotel pass, you will have access to the hotel and your hotel room at all times.

Practical matters

Questions or requests? You can reach our reception by telephone on telephone number +31 (0)73 204 88 40. Reception opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 08.00 – 18.00 uur
Friday: 08.00 – 21.00 uur
Saturday: 08.30 – 21.00 uur
Sunday 08.30 – 18.00 uur

After a heavenly night and a divine breakfast, your stay at the Soete Moeder comes to an end. Your check out time is until 11:00 am, on Sundays this is possible until 11:30 am. Do you wish to leave later? Please discuss this with the reception beforehand, so we can see if this is possible. For later check out we charge a fee of € 10 per hour.

The Kloosterhotel is a ‘cards only’ hotel, which means that we do not accept cash. You can pay at De Soete Moeder with the following cards: Maestro, Visa Credit and Debit cards, Mastercard Credit and Debit cards and also American Express.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire hotel. You are allowed to smoke in the garden and anywhere else outside. Upon violation of this smoking ban we are compelled to charge you with a €100 fine for this ‘sin’.

The hotel does not use a night porter; so no one will be present during the night. There is always a backup available in case of calamities. You can still enter after closing hours using your hotel pass. There is a black box next to the hotel entrance. If you present your card there, you can open the door.

Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder is affiliated with the Dutch trade association for hotel and catering industry (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland). Therefore the general terms and conditions (UVH) for the hotel industry apply in our hotel: Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca.

About de Soete Moeder

We like to immerse our guests in luxury. But like the nuns, we also like to be frugal. On each other and on nature. For instance, we separate our waste, only use green electricity and wash with ecological detergents. Furthermore, the reuse of the listed building and the furnishings – partly with vintage items – are not only beautiful and characteristic, but also extremely sustainable!

A special feature of the Kloosterhotel is that, as a training company, it offers opportunities to young people who could use an extra helping hand.

Hotel room facilities

Our rooms provide a nice breathing space. If you happen to hear a very soft buzz, please know that this is not Mother Superior snoring, but most likely the air conditioning system. All rooms are equipped with AC, which can be operated via the control panel in the room. Also, mobile ACs and fans can be requested at the reception desk. All rooms are equipped with a centrally operated CO2-controlled ventilation system; this guarantees fresh air.

In our Deluxe rooms, Junior Suite and our four person apartment, are comfortable bathrobes awaiting you.

A good night’s sleep is sacred! Each room has a king-size bed with an extra topper. Our beds are comfortable and furnished with lovely bed linen. If you wish to immerse yourself in extra blankets or pillows, please ask reception. In the room, an extra (flat) pillow is available in the wardrobe.

We also welcome young guests in our Kloosterhotel. Let us know in time and we will arrange an extra (children’s) bed. Children aged 3 years and younger can stay in their parents’ room for free. Placing an extra bed for older guests up to 12 years old costs €40 and a baby cot costs €15.

You can use the coffee and tea for free in all hotel rooms.

Any complaints or remarks? We welcome your feedback; after all we’ll learn from it. Please address our reception staff; this will allow us to investigate your complaint and/or solve the problem.

Do you happen to discover any defects or malfunctions in your room? Please let us know by informing reception. We will do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Every socket in the hotel supplies 220 volts. Your key card gives you access to your room and simultaneously turns the power on or off. Very practical and energy-saving at the same time.

As long as your hair looks good! That is why every room has a hair dryer.

Housekeeping is available daily until 15.00. If you have any questions please address our reception staff. Would you like to be left in peace? Then please put the ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door. You can also use this sign if you do not require housekeeping every day. We will clean your room after two days anyway.

The monastery hotel has a (wireless) connection descending directly from on high: lightning fast free Wi-Fi is available to all our guests. The password to access our guest network is MoederGast, with a capital M and a capital G. Please ask our reception staff if you need help connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Your key card gives you access to your room and simultaneously turns the power on or off. Please always carry your card with you when you leave your room. This key card also provides access to the car park, if you are using one of our parking spaces. Is your card not working properly? Our reception staff will happily check it for you.

There is a mini fridge in the Deluxe rooms, the Junior Suite and in the apartment.

Every room has a safe in which you can safely store your personal belongings.

Just like the sisters we are keen on cleanliness: every day your bed is made and dirty towels are replaced. Towels on the floor are considered to be dirty. By reusing towels you help protect the environment. Bedding is changed standard on the third night of your stay. Do you prefer a more frequent change? Please inform the reception staff.

Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV and remote control. An extensive channel list can be found here:


‘s-Hertogenbosch is a vibrant city with a lot of great things to do and see. Our staff will gladly provide you with local tips. Whether you are looking for a cosy restaurant, that one special shop or an amazing cycling route, do not hesitate to ask us. We have plenty of ideas!

Hotel facilities

Fancy a delicious cappuccino with the morning paper or a nightcap before going to bed? You can place your order at the reception during opening hours (Sunday to Thursday until 6 pm and on Friday and Saturday until 9 pm). After opening hours you can always use the self-service fridge in ‘de Eetkamer’ (on the ground floor). Choose what you feel like and write it down on the corresponding list.

Behind the hotel is an area where you can safely park your bikes. There is also a charging point for electric bikes here. Please ask at reception, the receptionist will be happy to show you the facilities.

In close proximity of de Soete Moeder you can find many lovely bike routes: admire the Den Bosch skyline from the nature reserve Het Bossche Broek or explore De Gement or De Heinis. Ask our reception staff about possibilities regarding bike rental.

Every morning we serve breakfast in ‘de Eetkamer’. Enjoy for example our homemade jam, butter, fresh fruit and mostly organic bread. Book your breakfast on time at the reception. If you have any specific dietary wishes or a food intolerance, our chefs can adapt to your needs. Please inform reception in advance, so that they can pass this information on to the kitchen brigade

Our hotel has one room that is also suitable for guests with (physical) disabilities. This room is at least as comfortable as our regular rooms, and furthermore contains all required facilities for a pleasant stay: separate electrically adjustable beds, electrically controlled curtains which can be operated with a button on the side of the bed and an adjusted bathroom. You also have your own parking space right outside the room.

Our hotel has an elevator that can take you to the first and second floor. The elevator is located at the left end of the hall when facing the reception desk.

Are your clothes creased? If you would like to use an iron and ironing board, please ask our reception staff.

During reception opening hours, you can order sweet and savoury snacks from our small menu. Do you prefer to wave the ladle around yourself? If you stay in the apartment, you have your own kitchen.

For reasons of hygiene, allergies and monitoring tranquillity, pets are unfortunately not allowed in the Kloosterhotel.

Other hotel facilities

In addition to a wonderful stay in one of the attractive rooms, you can also use the other facilities and lounges in the hotel. Feel free to explore our hotel! Read a book in the chapel, have a drink in ‘de Eetkamer’ or enjoy a walk outside in the beautiful monestary garden. You can also use the pleasant meeting facilities, where you can come together in an intimate and attractive setting. We offer a unique location for gatherings, meetings and weddings.

Post visit

And then, before you know it, your visit to the Soete Mother will be over. But the monastic adventure need not be over yet.

May we welcome you again in the future? Then be sure to take a look at our range of packages for the best deals.

Or would you like to give the Sweet Mother experience as a gift to someone else? You can do so in style with our gift voucher.

Take a regular look at our website or inquire about it at the reception. Get more out of your stay!

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