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De Soete Moeder is a social place

The monastery hotel is more than a special location where guests flourish. It is de Soete Moeder’s mission to offer young people such as job-seekers, drop-outs and students looking for a work placement an opportunity to learn and gain work experience. Founders Adri and Eline have taken over the social and civic role of the nuns. We gladly introduce you to these ‘modern sisters’.

 ‘It is about the social value you add as a company!’

Eline van Lith – Director

As a corporate social responsibility adviser, Eline has gained a lot of experience in hospitality business, reintegration, social welfare and education. This includes being the founder of lunchroom ‘In de Roos’, another special initiative in our city. ‘The Nemiusklooster (original name of the convent) made my entrepreneurial heart beat faster right away: such a great opportunity to create a unique hospitality business concept in conjunction with a practical training company. By starting a company with a social mission, I want to contribute to equal opportunities for everyone. What’s more, I really care about young people in a difficult starting position. With this initiative I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to not only spot the ‘gems’, but to also create opportunities for young people who run the risk of being left out. After all, running a business is not only about financial gain, it also concerns the social value you add as a company.’

Adri Ederveen – Founder

Career paths of (young) people have always been central in Adri’s work in education and reintegration; how do you find your passion and purpose in life? Beautiful and monumental buildings inspire her; she fell head over heels in love with the ‘Sisters of Love’ convent. ‘I immediately saw the potential of this unique location. Within a vibrant practical training environment, young people get a taste of what learning and working is like. Just like the former occupants of the convent we take on the care for others: we offer professional guidance, teach work ethic, give sincere attention and motivate. Thanks to the experience they acquire, these youngsters can eventually move on to a regular job or training course. But not only our employees get a chance to flourish here, our guests and the neighbourhood also benefit from these wonderful dynamics. There’s room for relaxation, inspiration and socializing. Everything comes together in our delightful monastery hotel!’

 ‘Together we work towards equal opportunities
and a better future!’

Workplace learning

What makes our hotel unique is that it is inextricably linked with the concept of workplace learning. The hotel offers a workplace and an opportunity to young people who need a push in the right direction. Every year we offer the opportunity to discover and develop talents. They start working in the hotel and thus get to know the various specialities within the hotel industry. Under the supervision of socially engaged professionals the participants gain practical experience and professional skills. On top of that they develop a professional attitude. Team de Soete Moeder is well-equipped to guide and train youngsters with respect to three aspects of the hotel and catering industry. The eventual goal of the foundation is to see to it that the youngsters are ready to start an actual job or training course at the end of the work placement.

Are you looking for a work placement?
Are you between 16 and 26 years of age and are you having trouble finding a job or finishing your education? Would you like to gain knowledge and experience in the field of cooking/preparing meals, restaurant/bar service, housekeeping and (garden) maintenance? Then contact us via

History, Nuns in the Nemiusklooster

The name of the hotel, de Soete Moeder, refers to Sweet Mother Mary, patroness of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and of the Nemiusklooster (the convent) that was built between 1928 and 1929. Apart from having occupied the convent for 75 years, the nuns also provided care and education in the convent and its surrounding neighbourhood. This adds an extra dimension to the convent building. The Nemiusklooster originally constituted an ensemble, consisting of a church, a home for the elderly, a vicarage, a patronage building and a girls’ and nursery school.

A push in the right direction

De Soete Moeder no longer functions as a religious institute, but unites the social engagement of the Sisters of Love with something new: monastery hotel de Soete Moeder as patroness of vulnerable young people.

From Zoet to Soet

Additionally, de Soete Moeder offers its guests a variety of delicacies, in a playful and approachable way. From Zoet to Soet (i.e. the modern versus the slightly older Dutch translation of ‘sweet’): a way of thinking and working with its roots in the past, that is now reanimated by a new generation.

The de Soete Moeder sculpture

Do not forget to look up before you enter the monastery hotel. That is where the Sweet Mother Mary sculpture graces the building, with baby Jesus in her left hand and an apple in her right. Not only is she the patroness of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, but also of our monastery hotel. The child in our view symbolizes the care that we bestow on our guests, the apple stands for the fair and flavoursome meals that we offer our guests.
By the name Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder we honour women and their caring role in welcoming Brabant.

Beeld van de Zoete Moeder boven de ingang van het Kloosterhotel de Soete Moeder Den Bosch

The robin logo

The logo of de Soete Moeder nicely depicts our mission and core values: modest in size, playful and perky in appearance. The robin namely wears a nun’s coif, which refers to the conventual identity of de Soete Moeder. The robin lives in our country nearly year-round. The concept of workplace learning, as it were, makes de Soete Moeder a breeding ground for youngsters who are unable to find their purpose in life. During the ‘breeding period’ at de Soete Moeder they will receive practical training that will open up new prospects for them.

de Soete Moeder

Nemiusstraat 4
5212 RG ’s-Hertogenbosch
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